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Мы  ценим мнение каждого ученика нашей школы и будем признательны Вам за оставленный отзыв, который поможет нам развиваться, а остальным сделать свой выбор.

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  1. Очень нравится заниматься в ABC Language School, занятия проходят интересно и главное эффективно, спасибо!

  2. Замечательная школа, отличные учителя, эффективное обучение! Ходить на занятия полезно и приятно, хорошая атмосфера, самые разнообразные методики обучения и запоминания информации. Так же нравятся уроки от носителей языка!
    Спасибо огромное Оксане Николаевне и Евгении Александровне за замечательные уроки, вы мастера своего дела!

    P.S. В прошлом искала самую подходящую школу английского в Полтаве для себя и остановилась именно на ABC Language School, поэтому рекомендую!
    Thumbs up! 🙂

  3. Отличная школа. Занимаюсь уже год, и ни разу не пожалел, все на высшем уровне. 10 из 10!

  4. This school taught me to make a review, so I want to leave one here. This educational institution is situated in the centre of our city, so it’s very convenient. The walls decorated by some posters which were made by pupils of this language school. Studying takes place in cozy auditoriums, where teachers always suggest you cup of tea. The schedule is very flexible, so you can choose any of the existing group and study after school or for example in the evening after job. If you visit this school, you will write input test, which helps to identify your level of the English. Also you can learn German, Spanish, French and Polish.
    I’d choose English and I’ve increased my level to B2, so I can easily write my final tests. I like this school more than my comprehensive, because here we have friendly and cozy atmosphere. Our teacher is thoughtful and smart. She always tells some interesting story connected with using some words by native speakers in different part of the world. Every lesson we do some exercises, speak on the interesting topics, work in groups, make some handmade models, for example bridge, that is a symbol of connecting, also we play some English online games and do creative project. As you can see, studying is so interactive!
    School management is understanding and really takes care of its clients. For example if you can’t come to the lesson you can leave application and it will be rescheduled. The payment is very sensible.
    So, I really recommend this school for learning languages. The possibilities are only limited with your imagination!

  5. I go to ABC school for not very long, but I want to share with you my thoughts about this school.
    ABC school is a very wonderful school where every student will find something new and interesting about English. The big plus is that here you can learn the language at any age. Teachers are very good and kind. Besides this you can find friends in your group.
    As I said this school is very good👍. I recommend to all☺!

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