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English Intermediate

Intermediate — описание уровня владения английский языком. Пройдите курс для того, чтобы определить Ваш уровень.

Вы можете отправить результаты прохождения курса нашему администратору для подбора подходящего для Вас курса и мы свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время.

I _______ outside the cinema when suddenly a police car arrived.
Shall we go to The Riceboat for dinner? It _______ be fully booked. They’re sometimes busy on a Monday.
We’ve _______ come back from a trip to India. It was amazing.
I’ve got to be at work in five minutes. Don’t worry, I _______ you a lift if you want.
My doctor advised me _______ more exercise.
I couldn’t _______ up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside.
There’s no name on this dictionary. It _______ be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.
Julia _______ married since she was 20.
Don’t worry if I _______ late tonight. I’m going to the gym after work.
I’ve got a terrible headache, and it won’t go away. Have you tried _______ some aspirin?
Boxing is a sport _______ requires a lot of speed and fitness.
Jon _______ working on this project for a couple of months so he hasn’t made much progress yet.
I was wondering _______ I could ask you some questions. Sure, go ahead.
What clothes should I pack for a trip to Boston? Well, it depends _______ the time of year that you go.
I’ve finished this salad and I’m still hungry. I _______ ordered something more filling.
Do you ever ask your neighbours to do _______ favours you?
Some married couples seem to get more _______ over time.
I don’t know how much this card costs. The price label’s _______ off.
Ben got the job because he _______ a very good impression at his interview.
Salsa music always _______ me of my trip to Cuba.
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