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English Advanced

Advanced — описание уровня владения английский языком. Пройдите курс для того, чтобы определить Ваш уровень.

Вы можете отправить результаты прохождения курса нашему администратору для подбора подходящего для Вас курса и мы свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время.

People were amazed that the burglary took place in _______ daylight.
She invested a lot of time _______ researching the most appropriate university course.
The police claimed that they acted in self-_______.
I _______ remember putting my briefcase down on that shelf.
He turned _______ to be considerably older than I had imagined.
The windows in this house are in urgent _______ of replacement.
Speed cameras _______ shown to reduce accidents.
Life is a _______ deal easier for immigrants who can speak the local language.
The experiment _______ testing people’s responses before and after drinking coffee.
We may be a bit late. We’re _______ in a traffic jam.
Having _______ his driving test several times, Paul finally passed at the fourth attempt.
Gospel music has been a major influence _______ other musical styles, especially soul.
Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is essential, _______ business you’re in.
It’s _______ likely that this novel will win a literary prize.
It’s no _______ for me to get Brad’s phone number – I’ll be seeing him tonight.
I’d lived in Australia, so I was used to _______ on the left side of the road.
I don’t think the colours in Julia’s outfit _______ together.
Very rarely _______ here in July.
I prefer to buy CDs _______ download music from my computer.
The number of turtles on the island _______ by 70% over the last decade.
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