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English Elementary

Elementary level  — описание уровня владения английский языком. Пройдите курс для того, чтобы определить Ваш уровень.

Вы можете отправить результаты прохождения курса нашему администратору для подбора подходящего для Вас курса и мы свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время.

Are you _______ English teacher?
Bob will meet _______ at the airport.
I’m going to a concert tonight. _______ you like to come?
_______ use your dictionary? Sure. Here you are.
I like this apartment but the _______ is too expensive for me.
Excuse me, how do I _______ to the bus station?
Do you sell stamps? Yes, we do. How _______ do you want?
Sorry I’m so late. That’s _______.
I’d like _______ milk in my coffee, please.
_______ a bus stop near my flat.
Is this a good time to talk? Sorry, no. I ______ dinner.
I think cycling is more dangerous ______ driving.
We _______ going to the theatre next Saturday.
_______ meet for coffee some time soon.
Kamal has got a holiday home near _______ sea.
If you’ve got a headache, you _______ go home.
_______ ever been to New York?
I only get about five hours’ sleep a night. That’s not _______ .
Did Amina finish the report? No. She _______ it tomorrow.
Paula _______ loves working with children.
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